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What is Landscaping, Exactly?

Landscaping is the act of changing your garden to fit the design goals you have in mind. These changes can range from improving the aesthetics, like adding or removing plants, to reshaping the lot, like creating sections and building a patio.

Not only can we change your garden, our contractors in New Braunfels, TX can also provide maintenance. We can prune flowers, trim hedges, shorten tree branches, and provide a lawn mowing service in New Braunfels. We’ll take good care of your garden when you can’t.

The Landscaping Services We Provide

Skyline Landscaping offers seven types of landscaping services. Whether you have a design in mind or are looking for ideas, we and our contractors in New Braunfels, TX are ready to help you.


Our primary service - we usually focus on new landscape renovation and home installation, however we can do other residential landscaping services.

Site Work

We take steps to prepare your lot for its transformation. We can add swells, scrape your lot, trim brushes, and do some New Braunfels tree removal.

Outdoor Living

Create the ultimate outdoor area for you and your family to enjoy. We can make simple patios, tall pavilions, functional outdoor kitchens, and many more.

Irrigation & Lighting

We make watering your garden quick, easy, and timely with this form of lawn care in New Braunfels, TX. We can also add lighting to your green space.


A perfect option for those who want to reduce the amount of water they use for their garden. Also great for those in drier parts of the country.

Concrete & Rock Work

If you want to expand your outdoor living space or an area that is custom-made concrete and rock work, we can build those and more.


Includes the usual lawn care in New Braunfels, TX, such as mowing the lawn, pruning flowers, adding mulch, and maintaining your garden beds.

Why Avail Our Services in New Braunfels?

Our landscaping services will be helpful for all homeowners, especially those who do not have the time, energy, or plan for their garden. Below are four benefits of hiring Skyline Landscaping.


Our landscaping and lawn care in New Braunfels, TX will help save you time. We’ll take care of the garden as you work to provide for your family.


A well-maintained garden will save you money in the long run. You’ll spend less on water, tools, and other supplies after we work on your garden.

Energy Saver

A well-designed garden will make maintenance and lawn care in New Braunfels, TX easier and more efficient as you can remove what looks out of place.

Create Your Space

Landscaping will allow you to own your outdoor green space properly. We create and build the area you want based on your dream design or ideas.

Boost Home Value

A fully landscaped garden complete with concrete or rock work will boost the value of your home. Your home will be desirable to many future buyers.

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